Business Mentor

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Congratulations, you have made the first important step to your Growth & Success – you are looking for support.

Knowing that you want to achieve more is key, but perhaps are struggling with too many tasks, or feel the overwhelm of a roller-coaster cashflow, or just want to enjoy life outside of your business more. To have the business work right for you.

Imagine if you could have the clarity of thought – the security of the correct structures in your business – the clear steps of planning how to move forward in the right areas – to achieve success and experience life more outside of work. What difference would that make to you – and those around you?

These are the things a Business Mentor can help you achieve, using their experience to help your business succeed faster. Whether you are based in Kent, or further afield, I have solutions to help get the best from your business.

What is a Business Mentor? – someone who has the knowledge and experience of being in business, and helps others grow their success through support, encouragement and enhancement of their skills. They have experience of success and the pit-falls to avoid. They ask the right questions for you to understand your own business more, and where to focus your time and efforts to develop your business growth and success.

“Amanda helped us look at our business from the outside in and identify issues. Amanda is a very calm, logical person with good ideas and is very encouraging. She helps to keep focus and asks the right thought provoking questions to get you thinking about the issues in your business.
This is the way forward to realise our goals”
Kath & Keith, Kent

Don’t put life off to the ‘some-time/never’. Get the clarity and structure in your business now, so you can enjoy the things you only dare dream of – and a successful business too.

As YOUR Business Mentor I will…

  • help you find the answers – even if you don’t know the questions yet.
  • look at how you are currently doing things and what you really want to achieve both inside and outside your business.
  • help you focus on the key things to get the best from yourself and your business.
  • provide guidance and a supportive environment to explore new ideas.
  • be there for the ‘congratulations’ as you complete the steps you set out to achieve, and provide the ‘friendly reminder’ when you have gone off track or got distracted.
  • Put my 30 years’ experience of running successful businesses into yours

Amanda Holges, Business Mentor, Kent Business Mastermind: Profile photo on blackMentoring is about building a relationship – one that will grow your success and that of your business. We can work virtually, to reduce your time and travel, face-to-face in Kent if you prefer a more direct contact, or a mix of the two.

By having me as your Mentor, we will discuss options, look for alternatives and find the pitfalls – improving your skills to be more aware of your plans and the steps you will need to get there.

I am looking for business owners fed up with struggling to juggle all the hats they wear in a day – whilst still not achieving the level of success they want in their business. Those that have the desire for enjoying life more outside of work – but are thinking ‘only once they retire’, or when they ‘find the time’.

Call me now on 01843 347135 and let’s discuss your next steps.