I’m Frequently Found in Lay-bys

So how do I use my time when travelling around the glorious Kent countryside, to get added development in my day? – Why I find a good lay-by.

I have a great way to help improve my skills, that are inspirational, and have a good level of humour to boost an otherwise mundane commute.

Find a selection of suggestions at the end of this post.

audi in a Kent lay by

In my roles as Business Mentor and Co-Founder of Metis Women I am often traveling around, so it is important to me to use this time well – after all, how often can you get an hour or so during a day with few distractions?

One way I use the time well is with listening to podcasts. There are a number I find either packed full with good content to help improve my skills, that are inspirational, or have a good level of humour to boost an otherwise mundane commute. Some are all three. I have added a selection I enjoy at the end.

This leads me to the Lay-by comment. You see, I would be listening and hear a really useful app, or method, or thought for a blog, and expect that I would still remember it later. Unfortunately, my recall has other ideas, and as much as I may try I would forget by the time my journey had ended.

Luckily many have a list of the tools etc they suggest as a link on their podcast pages, but that doesn’t add my thoughts of how I might use it, or the content I may write.  I also feel it important to give a least some of my attention to the driving – so fiddling with an app to record a thought is a definite ‘No’. So, I head into the nearest lay-by and take a moment to jot down or record my thoughts. Sometimes with a podcast chock full of info I may stop a number of times.

In order to keep some level of time-keeping I will tend to listen to a podcast on the way back from a meeting, or make sure I have plenty of ‘stop’ time. But this valuable time has helped me gain an insight into the lives of others, provided a number of tools and methods that I use in my day, and has broadened my thoughts to what else is out there. It can get a bit isolating and insular otherwise.

I would definitely suggest checking out a few podcasts yourself for time in the car, or perhaps other times when your mind needs to have the right type of distraction, whilst you get on with the task in hand.

If you would like to check out some of my top podcasts:

POWER to Live More – Jo Dodds. One of my favourites, and a colleague from Kent. This interview based podcast has a lot of content around productivity with plenty of tips, ideas and strategies from her guests. The introduction to the guest from her daughter Little Doddsy, is also a good source of a giggle or two. http://powertolivemore.com/podcasts/

Own It! – Nicola Cairncross and Judith Morgan. With the solopreneur and business owner in mind, this podcast provides, humour, straight talking, practical methods and recommendations from two successful business women. It covers what they have been up to each week in their own businesses, what’s inspired and plenty of ‘how to’ to apply to your own business. http://ownitthepodcast.com/

Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield. Seen as one of the leading voices in online marketing, Amy provides a lot of excellent content that you can apply directly to your business. http://www.amyporterfield.com/category/podcast/

The School of Greatness – Lewes Howes. Former pro football player, and now lifestyle entrepreneur, Lewes speaks to people that have done ‘great’ things in the worlds of business, sports and celebrity. One for the inspiration list. https://lewishowes.com/blog/

Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketing. This is chock full of the latest hints, tips and methods for content, Facebook Ads, Social Media, list building and campaigns. http://www.digitalmarketer.com/podcast/

4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris. Tim interviews people who have achieved plenty in life, usually from hardship too. This one sits well in the inspirational camp, though I do find it a case of choosing the right interview. http://tim.blog/podcast/

Happy Listening – And if you see an orange car parked up, there is nothing strange, it’s just a bit of personal development going on…..