More Calm – Less Juggle Schedule

More Calm – Less Juggle Schedule

Wish you had more time than you know what to do with?

The More Calm — Less Juggle Schedule is the proven way to fit more into your day so that you can get more out of life. By learning the secrets of the productivity pros you’ll be able to calmly cruise through the day and have plenty of time left at the end to put your feet up and relax. Watch the video to find out more:

It’s time you put your life on cruise control and left the juggling to someone else. All you need to do to learn how to create the perfect work schedule is to click the link below and sign up for the easy to follow video course.

Getting stuff done has never been simpler.

Get your copy of the full video course and diary template now for just £17 (Value £47), and get More Calm- Less Juggle in your day.


More Details:

Hi, I’m Amanda Holges and I’m looking forward to helping you get More Calm – Less Juggle in your day and boost your productivity to have more control of your time and focus on the Key Tasks important to you and your business.

I’m guessing by being here you may struggle with all the things you need to get into your schedule and want to feel more in control and focused with your time. More Calm – Less Juggle

The course will take you through the steps to create a template schedule that will help you build a structure to your day, and provide the focus for both your work, and the time outside of it too.

But what gives me the right to talk to you about productivity?

I’ve not always been this productive or organised. I have been overwhelmed by too many tasks, no focus on what was important – good at being BUSY – I always had plenty to do – but feeling I wasn’t really getting anywhere. At the end of the day or week I would wonder what really achieved and my Business was suffering.

I know what a difference having a structured schedule can make.

Your More Calm – Less Juggle Schedule can be the real foundation of your Productivity too.

It gives you a framework for your time – it can even tell you if there is no way you are going to fit it all in, so you can do something about it now, instead of trying to cram in the impossible workload you keep thinking you should be able to handle.

I’ve taken the key aspects that have helped me over years of learning about Productivity and developed a structured schedule that helps to keep me on track and more importantly one that brings me back if things go astray.

By focusing on the right things to help move you and your business forward.

By losing the distractions and using the right time of day that is best for you, your productivity will grow.

Making no plans at all and just bouncing through the day on what comes up really is the most ineffective use of your valuable time.

You’ll be changing tasks. Reacting to seemingly important things and having to change your focus, or wasting time on ‘what’s next’ thinking.

All of this means a day of possibly being busy – but not necessarily on the right things – and most probably a day of overwhelm, frustration and feeling like you wondered what you can achieve. It can also be the best fuel for procrastination.

So you need some planning and structure and this is where the More Calm – Less Juggle Schedule comes in.

At the end of the course you will have built your own Template Schedule that you can use going forward.

With allocated time for the Key Focus of your day, the multitude of tasks to complete organised in a more structured way, tamed your emails and social media and even found time for meal breaks and sleep.

You also get access to me via my Facebook group if you need further help or support.

Others that I have worked with on creating their Template Schedule have said ‘You have given me the Time and Space’.

I want you to have that too.

The control on your Time, and Space to do with it what you want to achieve.

Because everyone deserves to get the most out of their time with More Calm and Less Juggle.

Get the full course and diary template today for just £17 (Value £47).


Speak Soon – Amanda