Organise, Monetise & Prioritise Triage Call

Amanda Holges, Business Mentor, Speaker & PodcasterBook Your “Organise, Monetise & Prioritise” Triage Call Today!

I’m Amanda Holges. I work with business owners, just like you, who are thinking…

  • I want more time & less juggle in my day
  • I want to have the financial stability to have more fun & free time
  • Where do I start with so much to do?

If you want to sort it out, jump on a call with me.

In just 15 minutes, we will look at the three main challenges of Time, Finance and Focus to see which you need to address first to move your business forward with more clarity and quicker results.

At the end of the call, we will discuss if we are a good fit to work together, and I will offer you a couple of options based on what you have told me.

I am much more in control of what am doing and can see the time spent on both my businesses. I really realised how much I was trying to squeeze in. – Lucia Dello lolo, The Analytical Bookkeeper.

Amanda is the perfect blend of encouraging and patient with just the right amount of kick-ass needed to get you unstuck and moving. My issues were an overlapping mixture of professional and personal but this didn’t phase Amanda who was able to help me cut through the overwhelm with her wonderful ability to analyse and prioritise what is important. – CJ Munn, Masters & Munn Professional Bodycasters

Don’t wait for more struggle, frustration and stress in your life.