Business Growth Tips ¦011¦ Getting in the Zone

Amanda Holges talks about Getting into the Zone and how to deal with the multiple ‘Hats’ you wear in your day.

Having multiple home and business responsibilities, multiple jobs, or running more than one business can all lead to a lack of focus and overwhelm on what to do next. It can be difficult to switch between the different responsibilities and priorities, leaving you feeling distracted or split between too many directions.

Wouldn’t it be better to feel more able to focus on each area as you need to – with a minimum of interruptions and stress……
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Business Growth Tips ¦010¦ How to Climb Out of Your Rut

Amanda Holges looks at 3 Ways to Climb Out of Your Rut and boost your motivation.

Feeling stuck in a rut – Lack self-motivation – Overwhelmed? – I hear you!

In business there can be days when you feel as if you are stuck in a rut and lack motivation. Things are not moving as you want, and you can end up feeling trapped and overwhelmed. So many tasks, but yet none of them giving you the boost to fly through your day. In fact, it is more like wading through mud……
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Business Growth Tips ¦009¦ 20 Business Apps & Taming Technology

Amanda Holges talks about her top Business Apps and Taming Technology

Over the last decade or so our phones and devices have grown in capability from mere bricks that we made calls and texts with, to complex micro assistants in the palm of our hands. However, instead of feeling in control and at ease, we can end up feeling unable to switch off and as if controls us ……
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Business Growth Tips ¦008¦ Improving Your Cash Flow

Amanda Holges talks about Business Finance and 3 Ways for Improving your Cash Flow, including helping you save money today.

The figures in your business are important. Knowing when you are due to be paid, and balancing that with your suppliers and outgoings, should be something you keep on top of. If all you know is the Tax due in a blur of figures, then you aren’t working your numbers effectively.
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Business Growth Tips ¦007¦ 3 Ways to Boost your Marketing Return

Amanda Holges looks at 3 Ways to Boost your Marketing Return – regardless of what it is and where it is done.

There are many ways to market yourself. Online, in person, via others, your website, social media, publications, podcasts, YouTube, blogging, flyers, direct mail, emails. But despite all the various ways and platforms, there are 3 things that matter to all of them…..
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Business Growth Tips ¦006¦ Multiplying Your True Customer Value

Amanda Holges looks at 3 ways to understand & multiple your true Customer Value.

There are very few real one-off purchases. In truth, most businesses have a potential for repeat sales – but are you making the most of your opportunities, or are you wasting that future income?

By understanding what your customer’s true value is to you over their ‘lifetime’ with you, and looking at how you can further enhance that, you could be increasing both your income and their potential for future sales.
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Business Growth Tips ¦005¦ Am I Worth It? Guide to Selling

Amanda Holges looks at 3 ways in the ‘Am I worth it?’ Guide to Selling.

Very few of us like receiving pushy sales calls or being ignored when we need help in a store. These two extremes of the ‘Sales Process’ leave us cold and rarely buying. So where does your sales technique fit on the scale? Let’s look at 3 ways you need to consider your value and make sure you are getting your worth.
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Business Growth Tips ¦004¦ Knowing Your Why

Amanda Holges gives 3 Steps to Knowing your ‘Why’ in Business to enable it to support the Life You Desire.

The important part is to be clear why you are in business, and to keep that in focus as you move forward to make sure it is keeping up its side of the bargain. This video looks at what your business needs to supply, as well as income, and what first steps can you make to achieving that Desire.
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Business Growth Tips ¦003¦ Avoiding the Inevitable in Business

Amanda Holges talks about avoiding the inevitable things you hate in business, and three ways to deal with them.

Unless you are a VA, Secretary, Bookkeeper or accountant you didn’t set up your business due to your love of admin, invoices or paperwork. In fact, they could be the things that you try to put off and only do because – well it has to be done. But they are an inevitable part of business, so how can you deal with the things you hate in business better.
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Business Growth Tips ¦002¦ Business Planning

Amanda Holges gives you a simple way to Business Planning. No 10-page essays – just a concise plan of where you are heading, and what you want to achieve.

Does the thought of spending hours or days analysing your business just send you cold, and who knows what could happen in the next 5, 10, 15 years right?!!! You’re not sure what next month will look like.
Something easy but practical – perhaps visual – may be the tool you need to keep your focus on taking the right next steps for your business. Find out more about how to create a Business Plan with more focus in less time.
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Business Growth Tips ¦001¦ Juggling Priorities

Amanda Holges shows you 3 ways to help with juggling priorities in your business to get more control and feel less overwhelmed.

I know as a business owner it can become a juggle of priorities, each one baying for your valuable time. Instead of feeling in control of your day, or week, you are constantly firefighting what comes up and changing priorities. So I am going to give you 3 tips to help you get more control and feel less overwhelmed with all those priorities.
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