Business Growth Tips ¦003¦ Avoiding the Inevitable in Business

Amanda Holges talks about avoiding the inevitable things you hate in business, and three ways to deal with them.

Unless you are a VA, Secretary, Bookkeeper or accountant you didn’t set up your business due to your love of admin, invoices or paperwork. In fact, they could be the things that you try to put off and only do because – well it has to be done. But they are an inevitable part of business, so how can you deal with the things you hate in business better.
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Talking About the Money in Your Business

‘It reminded me of what a good system I have now and how I wouldn’t change. It’s about personal preference, and finding what works for you. What works for you might not work for someone else’.

Plenty of tips and methods to improve your own productivity using technology and simple changes in your day. Well worth a listen.

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Focus on your Business Success & Desires

Stop running at full speed on all those thoughts spinning through your head. It is not the best, or swiftest, way to what you want. That comes with a focus of knowing what you want to achieve and the most effective way to do so. The rest is just noise clouding your thoughts.

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I’m Frequently Found in Lay-bys

So how do I use my time when travelling around the glorious Kent countryside, to get added development in my day? – Why I find a good lay-by.

I have a great way to help improve my skills, that are inspirational, and have a good level of humour to boost an otherwise mundane commute.

Find a selection of suggestions at the end of this post.

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