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Why Wait - Taste it Now

Thank you for your interest in my Why Wait? – Taste it Now! Program

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  • If you’re a woman business owner and want more Clients – or a higher return from your current Clients
  • You want your business to be able to support your personal goals, both now and in the future
  • AND you don’t want to wait for some distant time for all this to happen – but to enjoy your life more now….
  • ….Enrol in my  Why Wait? – Taste it Now! Program  for real hands-on implementation and support, showing you the steps to take to enjoy a taste of it now.

Juggling the multitude of hats you need to wear in a day both at work and at home, reacting to tasks as they crop up, hoping for more time in your week, just doesn’t work. You become less effective, wasting your valuable time, and not focusing on the key things that will make a difference to your business, and ultimately your life.

You need to take back the control on your time, understand what your business needs to do to support the life you want to live – and start enjoying it now. Don’t wait for some far off mystical time when you will suddenly have the time and resources to do it all. Why Wait?

My ‘Why Wait? – Taste it Now’ program will help you do just that, all in easy steps, supported by me to help you succeed.

The 9-Week Interactive Workshop includes:

  • Weekly Video Training Sessions
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Personal Help & Guidance
  • Everything you need to start your journey

BUT most importantly ….
by the time we are finished you will have a better understanding of what you want to enjoy in life and the clarity of how your business will support that
You will have had a taste of what you want to enjoy more of.

More about Amanda Holges

I have over 30 years’ experience in running successful businesses. I have taken one from a small family business to a £multi-million International Company. As a Business Mentor, Speaker and Podcaster I now use that experience and knowledge to help other business owners to use their time for business growth, and to enjoy life more outside of it.

So what will I learn?

WEEK #1 – What You Really Really Want
Week one is all about clarifying what you really really want. Is there something you want more of now? Perhaps time for yourself or with others, less stress and juggle, a new hobby or fitness routine. Perhaps it is a bigger, longer term goal – time away in an exotic location, a new house, change of life?
Remember we are going to be thinking BIGGER.
In week one we pinpoint what it is you desire and look at how you might get even just a small taste of that over the following 8 weeks.

WEEK #2 – Your Schedule
In week two we create your More Calm – Less Juggle Schedule. A template schedule that works for you to help with your planning and getting more control on your time.
And if you feel like you are always running out of time – It will also help to show you why you can’t fit it all in.

“You have given me the Time and Space. With the new found confidence and clarity, my vision for the changes is clearer. I am organized and moving forward.” Bente Rayfield, Auto Reservation Plus Ltd

WEEK #3 – The Numbers Bit
Week Three is all about the numbers – and what key figures do you need to know.
Regardless of whether you are good with figures or not, we look at what income you need now, and what you would need to enjoy the life you want to live.
This session also includes an element of cost saving to help fund your future desires.

“Just this session alone helped me save £480 – Wow, now that’s a return! I now plan to do this monthly to keep on top of my cash flow and renewals” Deborah Mulvany, Shaping Wellness

WEEK #4 – Customer Value
In week four we look at your customer lifetime value. How much is a customer actually worth to you, not just their initial sale. How can this be boosted and are you targeting the right customers for you?

WEEK #5 – Does It Add Up?
Week five is a critical week. We look at the figures created over the previous two weeks to see if it all adds up. Can your business support the life you want to lead? And more importantly – If not, what can be done about it?

WEEK #6 – Cloning You
Sometimes it feels that there is just not enough of You to go around, so in week 6 we look at how to clone you, using automation, processes and external resources.

WEEK #7 – Help!
Week Seven is all about Support – what or who do you need around you to make this a reality.
We also revisit that Taste of what you want – have you done it yet, what else needed to help make it happen?

WEEK #8 – Live More
The overriding desire I think for us all is to live more and stress less., so in week eight we look at what makes you happy, reducing negative factors, and boosting positive ones.

WEEK #9 – Review & Celebrate
Finally, in week nine we see what you have done and the differences it has made to yourself and your business. We celebrate your ‘Taste’ of enjoying your business and your life now, and look at the next steps to take to continue the momentum forward.

So what’s my investment?

Well, you will need to allow an hour or so for 9 weeks to watch the video and implement the actions.
REMEMBER, Week #2 of the course will be looking at your schedule so we can see where you will fit this time in.
You will also need to give the commitment to try some new things, implement the steps and perhaps make some changes. But then you want things to be different, that’s why you are still reading. Right?
The price of the full Why Wait? – Taste it Now! program today is just £47
AND I have a 30-day money-back guarantee*

The alternative is to continue to juggle and struggle on your own, and to wait for some far off time when, perhaps, you have a moment. A much higher cost to both your wallet and your sanity, when you could be making positive steps today. If you don’t have the time, then this is just the program you have been looking for.
Why Wait? - Join Now 🢒

Some Questions You May Have…

Q: How is this program delivered?
A: Each Monday you will be sent an email with a Video showing you what to implement that week, with any worksheets or downloads you need.
Q: Will this program work for me?
A: Whether you are B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), as long as you provide a product or service then this will help you get the understanding of what you want more of now, and what your business needs to do to support that.
Q: Can I access the program in one go?
A: The program will be delivered each week, but you can always go back and re-cap, or catch-up if you need to.
Q: How long will I have access to the Program?
While the program itself lasts 9 weeks, you will still have access to the videos after it ends so you can re-cap on any areas you wish to later.
Q: How will the Live Q&A Sessions be run?
A: You will be given a link to join the Live Q&A session where you will be able to ask anything you need a hand with on the program. Although it is always best to be on the session live so you can get direct support, the sessions will be recorded so you can listen to them later too.
Q: What if I find it isn’t for me?
A: * I have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you try the steps and find after 4 weeks it just isn’t for you, then I will give you your money back.

by the time we are finished you will have a better understanding of what you want to enjoy in life and the clarity of how your business will support that
You will have had a taste of what you want to enjoy more of – for just £47 today.

Don’t wait for more of your valuable time to be wasted, when you could be using it for more laughs and fun.
Why Wait? - Join Now 🢒

If you still have any questions for me about the program email me at [email protected] – I shall be happy to help, Amanda.

P.S. Consider this, if you join today, in just 9 weeks time you will have made the first steps towards having the life you want to lead now – not later.