Business Growth Tips ¦005¦ Am I Worth It? Guide to Selling

Amanda Holges looks at 3 ways to boost your self-value in the ‘Am I worth it?’ Guide to Selling.

Very few of us like receiving pushy sales calls or being ignored when we need help in a store. These two extremes of the ‘Sales Process’ leave us cold and rarely buying. So where does your sales technique fit on the scale? Let’s look at 3 ways you need to consider your value and make sure you are getting your worth.

This tip is part of a series that look at the key issues I help with as part of my Mentoring & Masterminds. Check out the other videos in the series on my Blog.

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Full Transcription

– Today we’re looking at the three ways in the “Am I Worth It?” guide to selling.

Very few of us like receiving pushy sales calls, or being ignored when we need help in a store. These two extremes in the sales process leave us cold and rarely buying. So where does your sales technique fit in on the scale? Let’s look at three ways you need to consider your value.

Whether your business provides a physical product or a service, we are all in sales and marketing whether we are comfortable with it or not. We need customers, and they need to know about our businesses. Most customers want a good product, with a great service, and at a price they see value in. These the customers you want. The ones that see the value in what you provide.

But, do you see the value in yourself? Are you getting the value you are worth? Or are you underselling yourself and your business?

This is particularly pertinent if you sell a service Without anything physical you can send to someone it is down to the perceived value of how much you yourself are worth. And when it comes to your time, then that’s valuable too. Make sure you see how much time actually goes into providing the product or service, and include the correct value for that too. Don’t undersell your skills, your experience, your knowledge, and your time.

It’s a balance of providing enough information and awareness without being overwhelming and pushy. Know your worth, and show it.

Here are three ways you need to consider when you’re thinking about your worth. Because believe me, you’re worth it.

Number one – It’s not you, it’s them: Consider how much your product or service saves the client, or enhances what they can do. Don’t focus so much on how much the product costs you, or your hourly rate, but on how much the product or service is worth to the customer. If you’re saving them time or money by what you provide, or it enhances their life in some way, then make sure your price reflects that.

Number two – Never Be Cheap: You may be in a cost-conscious market where the lowest one wins, but that doesn’t mean you have to be cheap. Consider a bare-bones option to compete, then provide further enhancements that the customers would want to save them time shopping around, An enhanced service or upselling of the product may be the difference between you being cheap or cost-effective.

Number three – Sell Less, Make More: Consider raising your prices; it may mean losing some customers. Good. These the ones that don’t see your worth, and are probably the most difficult for you to deal with anyway. Quick maths lesson. You sell 10 products at £80. A total of £800. You raise the price to £100, now you only need to sell eight to get the same revenue, leaving you time to focus on getting new £100 clients, or spending that time elsewhere. Your new price may even appeal to a whole new section of potential clients.

Don’t be afraid to take the leap of faith in yourself. Be confident in the product and service that you’re providing, and exude the passion and enthusiasm that you have in your business.

Make sure your shop window reflects that passion, quality, and professionalism, whether that is an actual premises, an online presence, or you yourself. Don’t shy away and ignore your customers like the salesperson ignoring our needs in the shop. Just don’t become the pushy salesperson that gets in everyone’s face, and that you want to avoid.

Be your honest self. Be helpful, be open, and make it easy for the customer to buy when they express an interest. If they don’t at first, then see if there’s a way that you can keep in touch, and send a gentle reminder of you and your business as a follow up. Then, keep in touch. Depending on the product or service, it can take a lot of getting to know you before someone actually buys. Build a relationship so they know that you’re just the person to contact when they need to.

There is a saying, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Sometimes you can be too backward in asking for the sale. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your product, or ask some more relevant questions to clarify whether your service is the perfect fit. Make it easy for someone to buy from you.

Most of us at some point use our virtual online self to entice our customers, either via a website, social media, video, or podcasts. Our presence is available 24/7. Are all of these virtual shop windows giving the same positive message about your business? Make sure it’s clear on the type of business that someone would be dealing with, and that it resonates with the type of people that you want to attract. Get the right balance of providing information and content versus actual selling. And remember, don’t be that pushy salesperson.

So, are you asking for what you and your product or service is worth? Don’t undervalue your time and and abilities, and what you bring to the business.

Often a feeling of, “I am worth it”, can be down to confidence in yourself and your business. So download my ‘Confidence & You’ resource to rate your confidence, and get six tips on how to boost it. Head to, and download it now.

Remember, consider how much your product or service is worth to your potential customer. Don’t be cheap, and think about whether raising your prices might be the next best step for you to take.

Download my ‘Confidence & You‘ resource now, and answer, “Am I worth it?” with a positive, “Yes”.

Thanks for listening today. Speak soon.